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Apricot P&G Family Facebook Group

I had a request to start a Facebook group for previous puppy families to stay connected.

So we have a private Apricot P&G Family Facebook group open to anyone who owns an Apricot P&G dog/puppy, as well as our guardian home breeding dogs.

If you are not yet part of that Facebook Group AND have a Apricot P&G dog, comment below with your name and I will send you an email invite!

If your email has changed since you brought your dog home, email me your updated contact info so I can send the invite. click the button below:

Feel free to post social events for others to join and "pup"dates. We have families in and around L.A. County, Orange County, San Bernardino & Riverside County and San Diego County.

Share your own dog struggles and training challenges as well as advice for others to learn!

Pictures and videos are fun ways to stay connected outside of our annual Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles Dog Family Reunion.

Our social media pages are where we post almost daily updates, videos, pictures of our puppies and dogs. If you aren't already following us or subscribing, you are missing out!

(Links to our social media are on our website at the bottom of the page)


Our Apricot P&G Dog Family Reunion is on Sunday, September 10th, 2023

We are having our 3rd Annual Family Dog Reunion in September this year!

Mark your calendars, save the date! I will start collecting reservation money and making a list closer to the date. It is so much fun to get together. The dogs have a blast with tons of area to run, but safe and completely fenced in. For those dogs that want to swim, there is a pool with a shallow area and a dock for dock diving! This year we expect it to still be hot! So we will have an 11ft splash pad for the dogs (and even kiddos) to use as well. There is plenty of shade and chairs. We will raffle prizes, have food including cake and music. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Another great thing is, all our last three litters for 2023 year will be past the 4-month mark, fully vaccinated and able to attend!

*Current Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough vaccine) is required to attend.

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