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Apricot P&G Pup Spotlight *Scout*

. My Given Name is:

Scout (dark green collar, litter #3)

2. My closest friends call me:


3. My favorite toys are:

My blanket from my birth mom, my stuffed puppy from my human grandma and any toy that squeaks and bounces

4. I would move Heaven and Earth to eat:

Well…my favorite word is…treat!

5.The most naughtiest thing I have done is:

Chewed up my grandmas favorite pair of sun glasses, and table surfed a bag of Cheetos and a bean burrito when I was hanging with my best white lab friend Macie.

6. My favorite person is:

No favorites! I love everyone!

7. My parents tell me their favorite thing about me is:

My unconditional love

8. The other animal family members are:

I’m the one and only!

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