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Apricot P&G Puppy Spotlight *Clifford*

1. Name Clifford (orange collar, litter #3)

2. Friends call me cliff, cliffie, crazy boy

3. Favorite toys Tennis balls and my Kong wubba and tug of war

4. Love to eat - rocks

5. Naughty thing I’ve done - scratched up a door trying to get out

6. Favorite person - the one with the treats 😆 or my human boys Tommy and Nick

7. Parents favorite thing about me - my playful and friendly personality

8. Other animal family members - I just lost my favorite animal Ryder he was a goldendoodle like me and I loved to sleep right next to him. He unfortunately got cancer and is no longer with us. We all miss him tons but I’m glad I can be with my family and take care of them.

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