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Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles is growing up (literally)!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I wanted to introduce the newest faces of our future breeding program. They are mostly in the early stages of puppyhood and growing. Only Scarlett has completed health testing at this time. We are hopeful that they will all make the cut but we know in reality, not all dogs pass.

We plan on having:

2-3 litters in 2022

4-5 litters in 2023

9 litters in 2024

6 litters in 2025

It takes time, money and planning to breed dogs and health test each and every one of them. Instead of living outside in kennels, our potential studs and dams are living with wonderful Guardian families and are getting the love and attention they need everyday.

Here are the faces of the future of Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles (potential studs/dams)

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2 則留言

Paisley Marie Hamlin
Paisley Marie Hamlin

Aaagghh, my heart is so ready. 🙏


they all look so beautiful! 🥺 hoping they all turn out having the best of health 💗

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