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Breeding begins for Jan 2023 puppies!

Scarlett and Duke were well matched for their breeding yesterday and afterwards, silly Scarlett kept "baying" like a hound dog! We will breed them again tomorrow.

Scarlett- Standard Poodle (48lbs) x Duke- F1 Goldendoodle (50lbs)= F1b Goldendoodles puppies approx. size 50-70lbs.

Inexperienced breeders will combine the parents weights as an average and anticipate future adult-size of puppies will be the same.

But that is not true

Experienced breeders know that adult puppy size MUST factor in the size of the GRANDparents as well.

Scarlett's mom is 65lb red Poodle

Scarlett's father is 80lb red Poodle

Duke's father is a 75-80lb red Golden Retriever

Duke's mother is a 45-50lb apricot parti Poodle

Praying for puppies late January!

*If you are interested in this litter, we do not keep a wait-list, take deposits or new applications until the litter is confirmed at approximately 4-weeks gestation. Once we confirm the pregnancy, we will announce HERE on this blog that priority spots have opened up! It is advised to download the Wix app so those who are away from their computers can receive this announcement. The announcement will only be on a weekend in Late December. Those interested will need to complete an application and email to secure a pick spot. There will be a limited amount of priority pick spots and once the puppies are born, additional spots may open up. Once your application is approved, an immediate deposit of $500 will need to be placed to secure that pick order once the puppies are 6 weeks old.

Email any questions to me Ashley at

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Super excited!!

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