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Happy Birthday to Bailey's 3rd litter

Happy birthday to Bailey's 3rd litter who turned TWO today on 2/2/23

We celebrate you maturing out of puppyhood and are excited for our first litters out of our own dogs bred in our program, Finley and Penny! We look forward to their first litters this year!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TO.....Oliver, Penny, Lexi Rose, Teddy, Samson, Scout, Sage, Clifford & Finley!

Share new photos of these birthday adult dogs below in the comments!

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Ashley De Lisle
Ashley De Lisle
Feb 06, 2023

Oliver, green collar had a happy 2nd birthday!


Sage wishes all of her brothers and sisters a very happy 2nd birthday! Time flies when you're having fun... XX00 🐾🐾


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