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Lark's litter turns 2 weeks old!

Lark & Indy's litter of cream standard F1 Goldendoodles turned 2 weeks old today. They started opening their eyes the last two days and are walking around (rather clumsily on all

fours). They are even waiting to pee away from their sleeping area so we start offering them that potty area. They are all gaining the needed weight now, 5-10% up from their previous days weight and some are weighing in at 2lbs. All creams are $3,500 (pet price)

We expect them to be around 50-70lbs as adults.

I'm in love with their retriever features such as their blocky heads and square muzzles. Can't wait to see them get a little older since they get cuter every week!

We have 6 puppies available to pet homes and our waitlist is open!

See our "Flower Litter" below! Puppy pick day is at 7-weeks old and an approved application and deposit determines pick order.

Click below to apply

Bud- Male (Dark Green Collar)

Clover- Male (Light Green Collar)

Dahlia- Female (Magenta Collar)

Jasmine- Female (Lavender Collar)

Daisy- Female (Yellow Collar)

Rose- Female (Light Pink)

RESERVED Aster- Male (Tan Collar)

RESERVED Poppy- Female (Hot Pink Collar)

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