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Meet the babies!

Scarlett's 2nd litter- F1b Goldendoodles (all reserved)

(from left to right) Grey/Green/Lavender/Yellow/Pink/Teal/Blue

Puppies by order of weight today

Green collar male -apricot/red, wavy- 21.1oz

Blue collar male -apricot/red, wavy- 21.4oz

Teal collar male -apricot, curly- 20.3oz

Lavender collar female -apricot, wavy- 20.3oz

Pink collar female -apricot/red, wavy- 19oz

Yellow collar male -red, wavy- 18.8oz

Grey collar male apricot/red, wavy-18.5oz

(filter on photos has changed the coloring on the coats of the puppies and therefore, are not accurate to the actual subtle differences in the coat colorings)

(row 1 left to right) Green/Lavender/Grey

(row 2 left to right) Pink/Teal/Yellow

(row 3 left bottom) Blue collar

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1 Comment

I may need to change to a make since I love the white markings!!! And yellow is adorable too

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