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50% off through January 31st!

He has had several skin issues; rashes, open wounds from scratching, and infection after infection on his [tender areas] and paws from gnawing and licking so much. We’ve tried everything! We have been to the vet with him a lot! Now for the past couple of months he has been refusing to eat and has had off and on vomiting and diarrhea.

For one Goldendoodle whom while on his previous food was struggling with separation anxiety, picky eating, itchy skin leading to open sores and rashes, diarrhea and vomiting; a change in food to Pawtree's Real Lamb, Chickpea & Lentils and starting the Core4 healthy supplements was what made the difference.

He’s actually been doing a lot better! Still itches his paws a bit but he has been so much healthier. I’m glad we made the switch thanks so much for the recommendation. It’s made such a difference. -Apricot P&G Dog owner

What is the difference in the pawTree kibble? It free of common allergens such as soy, wheat and corn; contains no fillers, poultry by-products, or preservatives. The first ingredient is always REAL meat.

  • If your puppy is needing to transition off of puppy kibble to adult food, take advantage of 50% off your first order and try Pawtree's kibble for half the price!

  • If you have considered making the switch or just trying it, NOW is the time! This coupon code NEWYEAR50 is only available on your first order of Pawtree so why not try it. (enter code at checkout for savings. cannot be used with any other discount code.)

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