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Scarlett is in heat!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Scarlett, our red AKC standard poodle started her heat this week! We intend to breed her to our CKC F1 Goldendoodle stud Duke! If the breeding is successful, we will have a litter of standard sized F1b red/apricot Goldendoodles around the end of January 2023!

We will have both curly and wavy coats in this litter, all puppies will be furnished and approximate adult weight is expected around 50-70lbs.


This Summer, we became a certified breeder of Goldendoodles of North America

(GANA pronounced ga-Na).

This is the first breed club for Goldendoodles and has written standards for the structure, coat and temperament of the Goldendoodles. The goal of GANA is to standardize the look and temperament of the Goldendoodle and legitimize it as a breed of it's own.

We are proud to be a GANA breeder, one of only a few in California! This litter by Scarlett & Duke will be our first litter of GANA registered Goldendoodles.

The health testing that Goldendoodles of North America requires is beyond what the separate breed clubs of both the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Poodle Club of America require. Although this testing is expensive, it is important to breed healthy puppies forward and we strive to make every effort to do that with our breedings.

After our future poodle stud dog Tex completes his OFA CAER eye exam in January, we will officially elevate to the highest level, a GANA Blue Ribbon Breeder.


If you are looking forward to a puppy from this litter between Scarlett and Duke,

we will announce the confirmation of this pregnancy once ultrasound is done at 4 weeks gestation. We will always announce this on a weekend to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to respond and apply.

See details on our page located here:

We also encourage you to download the Wix app so you can know immediately when we make our announcement.

We have also digitalized our application for the smart phone! This easy-to-use Google document will be available once Scarlett's pregnancy is confirmed.

(If you already have an application in from previous litters, resubmitting won't be required)

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