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Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

It has been awhile since our last blog post but we have been very active on social media! We post updated photos and videos on our Facebook, Instagram & YouTube accounts.

See the links below and subscribe, like or follow for the most up-to-date pictures of our litters.

Scarlett & Duke's "Christmas" litter of Red Standard Goldendoodle is 4 weeks old now and fully reserved. Coal is our only apricot male in the group but he has some nice white markings on his chest, chin and head. All the others are very red and we expect them to stay red or darken like our other puppies have done.

We have also selected "Harp" (white collar female) to hold back for our future breeding program as she is wavy coated and has two furninshing genes. We also love her brown nose!

These puppies will be going home January 6th, 2024.

Finley & Duke's "Tree" litter of Apricot and Apricot parti medium Goldendoodles will be 5 weeks old on Tuesday and are almost fully weaned. We have two remaning spots left in her litter but will not open these up till after Puppy Pick day in 1 week when we know which two puppies are left. The puppies will go home December 31st, 2023-Jan 2nd,2024.

Finley will be going home to her Guardian family at the end of the week and they have missed her!

Coincidentally, Fiona who lives in the same guardian home has started her heat and will be bred to Jax most likely this next weekend! We have two remaining Prioirty pick spots in this VERY large standard apricot and phantom goldendoodle litter.

*See our Planned Litters page on our website to apply!

Lady & Max's "Candy Bar" litter of larger mini/smaller medium phantom and apricot multigen Goldendoodle is 3 1/2 weeks old. They are starting to play with eachother and Lady loves them so much. She is a wonderful mother. All the puppies appear curly coated. We have two available puppy pick spots left in this small litter of three. If interested, see our Current Litter's page on our website to apply.

We had a breeding of our Golden Retriever stud Indy to our phantom poodle Lark last week

and we are hopeful for very rare F1 Phantom Goldendoodles. This is a breeding we have been planning for the last 3 years! We expect to also have some cream F1 Goldendoodles as well as phantoms if the breeding is successful. Due date would be Feb 7th, 2024. We will wait to open up the waitlist for this litter till after the puppies are born because our intention is to keep the marjority of the pick spots for breeders and our own program. In my research over the last 3 years, I have only found 2 F1 phantom goldendoodles and they are both retired.

We have listed some of our planned Spring 2024 litters on our Planned Litters page on our

website but are waiting to do our newest red tuxedo petite Goldendoodle's health testing before commiting to using him in our breeding program. He continues to have a wonderful temprament and there are plans to use him for future litters of minis as we look to add a mini red female goldendoodle to our program in January! We are waiting for DNA testing to return before commiting to this but are very excited to offer predictably smaller Goldendoodles for those that are wanting a smaller dog.

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