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F1bb Goldendoodles available & Happy Birthday to the OG Penny & Tex litter

Penny had her puppies last night, a day shy of her litter last year! (and honestly two of the puppies share the same birthday as her first litter)

This is Penny and Tex's second litter together and we know based on their previous litter that the puppies will be anywhere from 43-65lbs.

Meet the puppies!

Puppy Pick day on Saturday June 8th.

Puppy Go-Home Day will be on the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd. 

 If interested in one of these puppies, then complete our application and email your interested to Ashley at

We have 5 spots open!

Ocean Litter listed from smallest to largest:

Admiral (Light green collar)- wavy coated male- 213g

Pearl (lavender collar)- wavy coated female- 217g

Coral (light pink collar)- wavy coated female- 264g

Dune (tan collar)- curly coated male- 302g

Sailor (Light blue collar)- wavy coated male- 355g

Captain (Navy collar)- wavy coated male- 356g

Harbor (neon pink collar)- curly coated female- 380g

Triton (Yellow collar)- curly coated male- 381g

Marina (purple collar)- wavy coated female- 391g

Beacon (orange collar)- curly coated male- 403g

Cruise (gray collar)- wavy coated male- 404g


Happy 1st Birthday to Penny & Tex's first litter!

They turned 1 year old today and we love to see updated pictures of them

(Comment below if you have updated photos of this litter as well to share!)

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