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Goldendoodle Litter Updates ~Winter 2023-24

We have some availability on our wait lists for these planned litters and some litters will be opened once the puppies are born. See our Planned Litters page on our website for most up-to-date lists.

Five Goldendoodle litters planned for early next year!
Planned Goldendoodle litters for Winter 2023-2024.


We plan on using our new studs in our future litters. Charlie and Indy will be having their first litters in 2024!

Charlie is expected to be 16lbs full grown and we are considering breedings with Finley & Penny in Spring 2024 for mini multigen goldendoodles.

If Aspen (kept back from Finley & Duke's April 2023 litter) passes her health testing, her first litter is planned for late 2024 with Indy or Charlie.

Looking for potential Guardian homes

  • We are keeping back one or two red female Goldendoodle puppies for future breeding from Scarlett & Duke's expected litter in November (~50-60lb; 75% poodle).

  • We are planning on keeping back one phantom female Goldendoodle from Lady & Max's litter of mini/medium multigenerational goldendoodles (~25-35lb; 88% poodle).

  • We are planning on keeping back one phantom male Goldendoodle from Lark & Indy's litter of F1 Goldendoodles (~50-65lb; 50% poodle).

  • Male Guardian Homes need to live within 30 minutes of Murrieta

  • Female Guardian Homes need to live within an hour away from Murrieta.

If interested, email Ashley @

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