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Lady’s puppies arrived!

Eventful birthday

Lady our 42lb small standard poodle went into labor last night. We were up every hour but this is how it goes with "whelping" puppies . Throughout the morning she was affectionate and needy, but by noon, she started actively pushing. After an hour

without a puppy and multiple exams revealed a puppy in the birth canal and an attempt to "unstick" the puppy with our Stuck Puppy Kit (catheter, syringe and lubricant), we made the difficult decision to pack up into the car and go to the local VCA Specialty Hospital. They performed an XRay which revealed the puppy in the canal. Our next option was an emergency c-section but thankfully, this phantom male puppy was born with the staff and we were able to bring her home. Once there, she quickly had the additional two puppies, an apricot male and phantom female. Surprisingly, none of the puppies are "tri colored" with white on chest, chin or heads as we expected since all three inherited one parti gene from their parti poodle mom.

Lady is being an amazing mother, too amazing! She doesn't allow the puppies rest due to constant cleaning and licking. We find ourselves intervening to give them breaks from her love!

It's been 6 hours and she still hasn't left their side.

We are beyond excited for these little ones and will get them named and sorted tomorrow. For now, we are happy mom and puppies are healthy and well.

Meet Maximim Murdock "Max"

If you have been following our breeding program, we used an outside phantom Goldendoodle stud named Max from Iowa with Lady's first breeding.

At 14lbs, Max is a petite Goldendoodle and has full OFA health testing to GANA's blue ribbon standards. He does carry recessive ICH and has one copy of the semi-dominate CDDY gene.

Here is the link to his Embark DNA pannel:

OFA Testing

OFA Prelim Hip- Good

OFA prelim Elbows- Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac- Normal

OFA Patellar- Normal

CAER eye exam- Normal

We will be genetic testing all three puppies in this litter for our own benefit since we are looking to keep back one or two for future breeding.

So for now, we are only opening up one Waitlist spot for Lady's litter for 3rd and final pick.

These puppies' estimated adult weight is projected to be 25-40lbs (minis/ smaller mediums)

The litter is approx 83% poodle/ 17% golden retriever.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please respond by email ONLY AFTER you have an application in with us.

Link to application below:

A $500 non-refundable deposit will secure this single pick spot. If we only keep one or keep no puppies, this spot would move up accordingly and additional spots below in the pick order would open up. This would be 3-5 weeks from now when DNA testing is resulted.

if interested in Lady's litter.

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