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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

All our priority registration spots in both litters are full. We may be able to add a few more reservation spots once the litter is born. If their is availability, we can take more deposits to secure puppy pick around 6 weeks old, we will post available spots at that time.

Applications will need to be approved before deposit can be accepted to secure pick order.

Bailey’s litter will be F1b goldendoodles which are 75% poodle 25% golden retriever. Because of this, they tend to shed less or more hypoallergenic. These dogs are going to be born with half the litter having curly coats and half wavy and on the smaller side around 42-60 pounds. Some of the puppies of our litter have some white feet and abstract white marks on their chest because Bailey carries a parti gene which some of the puppies inherit.


Scarlets litter of F1 goldendoodles are going to be all solid red and all wavy. Since they are 50% of each of the parent breeds, they may shed lightly and may cause people with dog allergies to have issues. Even though Scarlet is smaller at 45lbs, she carries all large dog genes. Her parents are both larger dogs and so we expect these docs to be anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds with males being larger. (grandparents size have a lot to due with future litters).

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