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14-week Adult Weight predictions

Yesterday marked 4 months (16-weeks) of age for your precious pups and having taken them for their last puppy shots, you also probably had them weighed.

There are many puppy calculators to try and predict adult size, but being a mixed breed, Goldendoodles do not fit on these calculators. Here is an easy calculation:

Take your dog's 14-week weight + 14-week weight + 1/2 14-week weight=predicted adult weight.

An example if 14 week weight was 20lbs: 20+20+10=50lbs.

*Comment below to share what your puppies "predicted adult weight" is!

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2 commentaires

Ollie had his vet appointment this morning, looks like he will be about 65lbs!! So excited!


Enid Munoz
Enid Munoz
07 avr. 2020

60lbs 😲 Oh my!😆

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