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Apricot P&G Puppy Spotlight *Daisy Mae*

1. My Given Name is: Daisy Mae 2. My closest friends call me: Mae Mae 3. My favorite toys are: Socks, my squeaky unicorn and any stuffed animals I can sneak out of my sisters's rooms 4. I would move Heaven and Earth to eat: Tortilla chips and Salmon 5.The most naughtiest thing I have done is: Ate drywall a time or two when I miss my family 6. My favorite person is: Too many to choose from, but my family is my top 4! 7. My parents tell me their favorite thing about me is: That I am so lovey and affectionate and sweet 8. The other animal family members in my family are: Pluto the beta fish

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Oct 11, 2021


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