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Apricot P&G Puppy Spotlight *Penny*

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

1. My Given Name is: Penny 2. My closest friends call me: Pen, Penny-Pie, Doodle-Poo 3. My favorite toys are: all the toys! Especially anything that someone else is already playing with! 4. I would move Heaven and Earth to eat: just about anything, except blueberries, I don’t much like those. 5.The most naughtiest thing I have done is: tore up a paper-back book when my humans left me home without putting me in my crate first. 6. My favorite person is: probably Mom, but I love all my humans! 7. My parents tell me their favorite thing about me is: how snuggly and soft I am. 8. The other animal family members in my family are: Tilly (the grumpy old lady), and Tex my new puppy playmate!

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