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Welcome Scarlett's Patriotic Litter

Yesterday evening we welcomed Scarlett & Duke's 3rd litter together, our standard F1b Goldendoodle litter we are naming our "Patriotic Litter". Scarlett had 10 healthy puppies; three males and seven females!

We still have two remaining spots in this litter for 9th and 10th pick if you are interested. Our puppy pick day will be the day the puppies go home for this litter only. We are working with Canine Support Teams in allowing them to select a possible service canidate so they will need to evaluate the puppies at 7-weeks before deciding.

(top to bottom, left to right)

Ellis (female), Glory (female)

Belle (female), Franklin (male)

America (female), Yankee (male)

Patriot (male), Besty (female)

Liberty (female), Star (female)


If now is not the right time for a puppy, we have many litters planned for the rest of this year and new potential breeding pairs for 2025 (dependent on health testing).

Check out our Planned Litters page for our Fall and Winter 2024 litters!

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