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F1b Goldendoodles due in February

Fiona (70lbs) our F1 Goldendoodle from Scarlett's first litter is having her first! She was bred

to Jax (70lbs) our standard phantom poodle. We expect 6 puppies and will take an additional two deposit on this litter which has been open since summer. We have the 5th and 6th pick spots available and are holding the 1st and 2nd for possible service dog prospects.

Both Fiona and Jax have such amazing temperaments, both dog and people friendly, cuddle hogs and would make great mobility prospects due to their size. We expect the puppies to go to be 70-85lbs as adults. We have a multitude of coat colors ranging from apricot to red, black to black and tan phantom. Both curly and wavy coats expected. These puppies have been planned since last summer and we are excited to see them!

The Priority Waitlist is still open!

Puppies are due February 21st. A $500 deposit secures pick order and you must have an approved application in with us.

Fiona & Jax playing around

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