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A glimpse into Scarlett's maternal world: Our cherished Mom Dog at Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles in Murrieta, CA.
Scarlett, our nurturing Mom Dog, exemplifying care and devotion at Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles in Murrieta, CA.
Scarlett, the heart and soul of our breeding program, radiating warmth and maternal love at Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles in Murrieta, CA.

Scarlett- AKC Standard Poodle

Scarlett is one of our standard poodles. She is an AKC (Limited registration) red poodle who is the ultimate lap dog weighing 48lbs. She has a dark red coat with dominate black eye rims and nose. She is a sweet, and loving, affection craving dog who is part of our family. Did we mention she's SO affectionate? She produces our red-coated Goldendoodles and we plan on repeat breedings with Duke, our F1 Goldendoodle stud. We are so excited to have her from Hollywood's Red Royal Standards.

Traits: ee/Bb/DD/KBky/ata/mm/FF/TT(curly coat)

Embark DNA Results

Clear of 191 Genetic Diseases

AKC Certificate

CAER Eye exam

UC Davis Genetics

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) and Chondrodysplasia (CDPA)-CLEAR

OFA Thyroid

Mild Risk (0.37)

OFA Elbows

For required testing on AKC standard poodles, see: (

Poodle – Standard

  • Hip Evaluation (PennHip or OFA)

  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

  • OFA Thyroid test or Cardiac test

  • DNA Test for Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEwS)

  • DNA Test for vonWillebrand’s Disease (vWD)

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