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Priority Waitlists open!

I have some exciting announcements to make this weekend.

We are opening the first two of our Fall '24 priority waitlists for our Medium and Mini Multigen Goldendoodle planned litters!

I am planning on breeding a litter with our small standard poodle Lady and medium multigen goldendoodle Oliver (outside stud). Lady started her heat last week so we are planning to breed her in two weeks. Those puppies will be 92% poodle, 8% Goldendoodle and be colorful like these below (photo not of this pairing).

We expect a rainbow litter of apricot, apricot parti, black and tan phantom, black and tan phantom parti, brown and tan phantom, brown and tan phantom parti

I’m expecting a smaller litter. Lady is 45lbs and Oliver is 36lbs so the puppies should be in the medium range. I’ve never used Oliver as a stud before but he has sired many litters with such overwhelmingly positive feedback on temperaments.

These puppies would be due around August 26th and go home around October 20th.

Last litter Lady had 3 puppies, so we are only taking two deposits for this litter!


Our second open Priority Waitlist is for our mini Goldendoodle litter.

Aspen (from Finley & Duke) will be bred to our newest health tested petite stud Charlie. We expect Aspen to start her heat sometime before our around September 15th. The puppies would be born in the Fall and go home early January 2025.

This litter will be all apricot and red with some apricot parti and red parti puppies. Expected adult size is around 25-35lbs full grown. All puppies will have two furnishing genes, which mean very low shedding and we will have curly, wavy and straight coated puppies from this pairing. Aspen is DNA clear for all diseases, Charlie carries one recessive copy of PRA and has one copy of CDDY. Aspen has completed all her testing and has "GOOD" OFA hips prelims and Charlie has as well and received an "EXCELLENT" rating on his OFA hip prelims. This will be a first breeding for both of them.

We will only be taking 4 deposits for Aspen's first litter

If interested, please complete our application if you already haven't and after completing, email me your interest in this litter.

Send your interest to Ashley @

I will then send you directions for placing your $500 deposit that would go towards the final puppy price and reserve your pick spot. Once both Lady and Aspen are confirmed pregnant and we know how many other puppies we are expecting, I may open up more pick spots for both litters..

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