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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

If you have purchased or are a Guardian Home for a Apricot P&G dog, here are a few tips for writing a Blog post since YOU can be a Blog Writer:

Tips for Navigating the Blog and how to Post

To create a blog post, there are a few easy steps to make it organized and allow people to comment.

1. Click on the "Create Post" button. (replying to another person's existing post will not allow others to comment on your post or follow you, they will only be able to like it).

2. Click on "Post Settings" in the right upper corner. Select appropriate category by clicking on "Categories" for your posting such as "Going Home" etc... or create a "General" post.

3. Create a title for your post that lets people know what it is about or who it concerns

4. Write a message in the "Main Section", share your thoughts in the body of the blog and add a picture or more to create attract your readers attention.

Hope this helps!

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