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Multigenerational Goldendoodle Litter

Finley our F1b Goldendoodle from Bailey is in heat! We have plans to breed her to Duke our F1 Goldendoodle stud in a few weeks. Both dogs are Goldendoodle Association of North America registered so the litter will also be GANA registered.

Being a GANA breeder is the first step to legitimizing the Goldendoodle as it's own breed and standardizing the look, temperament and structure of the Goldendoodle.

Since Goldendoodles are not allowed to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Goldendoodle Association of North America keeps track of pedigrees and Goldendoodle lineages.

It is a breed club that focuses on education, health testing and providing historical documentation for the breed.

Apricot P&G will be attending a the 2023 GANA Breeder Conference in February and we are proud to be one of only five GANA breeders in California!

Finley is Penny's sister and is very affectionate, curious and patient. She is calm, smart and loves to be intellectually challenged. She is always eager to please and learn new things. She is equally content to curl up with you while you read or watch tv. Her and Duke will have beautiful pups and we are excited about having some of our first straight coated Goldendoodles!

All the puppies will be a medium to small standard size, approx. 40-55lbs and fully furnished. That means they will all have great eyebrows, mustache and beard hair that gives the Goldendoodle their teddy bear look!

In this litter, each puppy will have a 25% chance of being curly coated (more like a poodle), 50% chance of being wavy (like we have seen in our previous litters), and a 25% chance of being straight coated (though this coat trait still does have a slight wave). We do not breed flat coated Goldendoodles.

We will also have some Apricot Parti Goldendoodles!!

See the photo below for coat references:

If you are interested in one of these multigenerational goldendoodle puppies, download the Wix App to be notified when we announce so you can submit an application and email me your desire to place a deposit for this litter. Litter announcement is usually around 4 weeks after pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound.

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