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Pawtree Question

Hi Everyone!

Ashley, I’m going to switch Norman over to Pawtree food, but I’m having trouble figuring out which one to choose. Norman has food sensitivity to poultry, but I don't want one that's completely grain free. I was going for the fish option, but after doing research, that one is suitable if he's overweight. Norman has always been on the slender side. I would love your suggestion. Thank you!!

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Ashley De Lisle
Ashley De Lisle
Jan 29, 2023

Sorry for the lengthy response!! This is not an easy issue to get answers to unfortunately but it is a common question.

Penny our future Goldendoodle mom is on the Pawtree Real Whitefish and brown rice. She and Tex are loving that one. For our poodles, we personally mix the Real Lamb, Chickpea & Lentils with the Real Chicken & Oatmeal to give them a grain. Due to Norman's poultry sensitivity, you could do the same with the Real White Fish and rice, mix it with the Real Lamb, Chickpea & Rice. I usually buy two large bags and just mix them. The other thought is, if you aren't sure Norman has a poultry sensitivity, trying Pawtree kibble wh…

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