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Scarlett & Duke Waitlist Open Availability for 2023 Goldendoodle puppies

We were planning on breeding Scarlett and Duke in November but Scarlett had other plans and went into heat 3 months early! We plan on breeding them next week.

We are NOW excepting applications and deposits to secure pick order for Scarlett's litter of F1b red/apricot Standard Goldendoodle puppies due in November 2023.

There puppies are expected to be 50-60lbs full grown with most of the puppies from her previous litter measuring 46-48lbs currently at 7 months old. Their families LOVE them and are so happy with their new family members. Most have kept their lovely red coats and we couldn't be more pleased!

We are planning to keep one, possibly two female puppies from this litter for future breeding.

Click this link for our applications:

If you have already submitted an application and are interested in this litter, please email me (Ashley De Lisle) your interested in placing a deposit at

I will respond with what pick order you have and how you can finalize your spot on Scarlett's list. If for some reasons she does not get pregnant, then your deposit will be refunded. We only move forward deposits to the next available litter if we do not have the gender or coat texture you want once the puppies are born or at puppy pick day.

Top row left to right: Duke Jr. (Dark blue collar), Cooper (yellow collar), Luna (Pink collar)

Bottom row left to right: Luna (Pink collar), Chewy (Light blue collar), Toby (Green collar)

At Apricot P&G, we now have FOUR open litter waitlists with THREE female dogs coming into heat in the last two weeks (Finley, Scarlett & Penny). We plan on breeding all of them as listed on our Planned Litters page so we will have a busy and full home over the holidays!(Fiona's heat cycle can start any time between now and mid-January and her list currently has two spots available.)

Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodles, LLC

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