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Scarlett’s puppies are 2 weeks! ~Picture Updates~ (All puppies reserved)

Yellow (former magenta) collar Female- 31.5oz

Pink collar Female- 32oz

Lavender collar Female- 30.2oz

Teal (former sea-foam green) collar Female- 31oz

Purple collar Female- 30oz

Black collar Male- 30oz

Gray (former navy) collar male- 32oz

Blue collar male- 32oz

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3 kommentarer

The sweetest. <3


They are all so perfect! How I wish we could get a third puppy, but Kobe and Sage keep us plenty busy. I love seeing these pics 😍

Ashley De Lisle
Ashley De Lisle
17. feb. 2022

The thought of three puppies under one year old would be overwhelming to anyone, including me!

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