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Scarlett, standard poodle mom

Scarlett, our red standard poodle, is currently our only breeding female. She is a goofy, playful and loving 2-year old. She is too smart for us; always keeps us on our toes and enjoys playing with her adopted sister Bailey. She loves other dogs and is shy around new humans (can we say.. COVID Puppy?)

We are planning a litter of F1 Goldendoodles on her next heat with a light cream Golden retriever male imported from Europe; and apricot-red F1b Goldendoodles with Duke hopefully early next year. Because Scarlett had her first heat cycle so late at 21-months old, we don’t know how often her cycle will be. As part of this Community, you will be the first to know!

Our PUP COMMUNITY blog on our website is where we will announce confirmed breedings and when we will start accepting applications and deposits for those littera.

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