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Stud for Scarlett

We have confirmed a stud for Scarlett's future first litter (whenever that may be!) Our plans are to not attempt transcervical insemination (TCI) with an out-of-state stud due to Bailey's breeding being unsuccessful. With the lack of health-tested Goldendoodle studs in my area, we plan to breed her to a English Cream Retriever (AKC and all health testing completed) to have a litter of F1 Goldendoodles (50% Poodle, 50% Retriever). The colors will range anywhere from cream to red and we won't know till we see the puppies; coats will all be wavy. Because I have deposits already from Bailey's failed pregnancy, I will unfortunately not be able to take any additional deposits for Scarlett's litter till the litter is actually born and we know how many puppies we have beyond the deposits I already have. She has not started her heat or been bred so this timeline is till unknown.


I know there were several people who have dog or animal allergies in their families. If you were one of these families, Scarlett and Bailey's next litters are not the right litters for you. They are likely to be moderate shedding.

Because our program is still growing, I would say that it doesn't look like we will have any multigenerational or F1bb Goldendoodle litters till maybe Penny's first litter late 2022.

Say hello to Apollo, Scarletts future beau!


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He is adoooorable!!! Thank you for keeping us posted as always.

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