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Waitlist availability for 2023 Goldendoodle puppies

We have some Priority Spots availability for our next three planned litters!

1. For our breeding with Penny & Bleu Banks (an outside 22lb goldendoodle stud in Georgia), we have two spots left till we have puppies born in early October. This litter will go home a few days before Christmas! *estimate based on start of heat and ovulation

We plan to breed her this month! We expect all apricot puppies with some variation in apricot coloring and some will have chin, chest and paw white abstract markings. The puppies will have straight (which I LOVE! Way less maintenance without the shedding) or wavy coats (no curly). As always, all our puppies will have furnishings, eyebrow, mustache and beards. If you are interested in a mini goldendoodle (25-35lbs) or know someone who is, please reach out! I will send information on placing a deposit to secure puppy pick spot on our list.


2. For our repeat breeding between Finley & Duke in October, we will have mid-December puppies born who will go home late Feb/early March 2024. This litter will be medium-sized multigenerational goldendoodle litter, approximately 35-50lbs full grown. We will have apricot and apricot parti puppies again in this litter like last time with straight, curly or wavy coats available. We have TWO priority pick spots left on their wait list. See our previous puppies from them on our website under PREVIOUS LITTERS. If interested reach out to get information on placing a deposit to secure pick spot!

Wavy apricot puppy curly apricot parti puppy straight apricot parti puppy


3. For our first time breeding of Fiona (Scarlett’s puppy), we are expecting LARGE dogs. Fiona will be bred with Jax our phantom poodle stud. This litter will be F1b standard-sized goldendoodles, 65-80lbs when full grown. Colors will range from apricot/red/black/phantom (like Jax) and have wavy or curly coats. Fiona could go into her heat anytime between now and her 2nd birthday in late January. She may only cycle once a year like her mom Scarlett. This means we could have puppies going home before Christmas or as late as May 2024.

We have TWO priority pick spots left on Fiona's wait list. I have reserved the first two spots on their priority list because I have hopes of keeping one back for breeding and leaving one spot open for possible therapy work. We expect phenomenal temperaments from this litter since both Fiona and Jax are affectionate companions. If you are interested in this litter, please reply for information on placing a deposit to secure puppy pick on this list. Finley & Fiona are sisters (unrelated) in the same Guardian home

(Finley on left; Fiona on right)


4. Right now we are planning on Scarlett and Duke being bred in late November for F1b red and apricot standard goldendoodle puppies when she comes into heat. This waitlist is not open and will not open till pregnancy is confirmed in December like we have traditionally done.


5.We have added a new petite mini stud named Charlie (15lbs) who will be a future stud for us when he completes his health testing. there is always the possibility that we will use

Charlie to breed to Finley or Penny next year. This hasn’t been determined yet since we are just acquiring 4 month old Charlie from Ohio and he has to pass testing. *sizes estimated

Charlie Multigen goldendoodle.

Here is our current waitlists: Excited for what is to come! Ashley

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