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What should I feed my dog?

I created a chart to compare the dog kibbles on the market.

After our future Goldendoodle mom Penny had a failed breeding last month and on pregnancy ultrasound, was found to have bowel inflammation; we needed a change.

Has your dog had any allergy symptoms such as itchy skin, hot spots, licking of paws or frequent ear infections?

These radiology results and Penny's frequent yeast ear infections led us be consider a potential food allergy.

Dog kibble varies wildly on ingredients; analysis of Crude Protein, caloric density, as well as the top 10 ingredients are important.


Here is the table I created to compare common dog kibbles so you can assess for yourself!

Your dog is what he/or she eats!

Dog Food Nutrition Analysis_Comparison
Download PDF • 126KB

Not ready to change up foods? Try adding a daily allergy supplement or the Core 3 or Core 4 products that will help prevent 80% of the reasons dogs go to the vet. Click on pictures below to link to products.

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