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We are located in the City of Murrieta, CA

We raise healthy & intelligent Goldendoodle puppies of all sizes who receive an early start on socialization and
potty training.
We are a Blue-Ribbon GANA breeder and your puppy comes from completely health-tested parents (to include OFA X-rays
, Eye, cardiac, patellar and DNA testing).

Our Goldendoodle family community, expertise in breeding sets us apart! Follow us below                     

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Hi Ashley!
Just wanted to give you an update. Everything is AMAZING! Your recommendations have all be so freaking helpful and I feel so set up for any and everything! Chewie had his vet appointment today and is perfect as we all thought. The alfalfa pellets and all your work had him basically potty trained. Literally 1 accident in 3 days (only because I moved the pee tray so we can’t blame him for that!). The snuggle puppy was a game changer with getting him comfortable in the crate. You have make this an amazing experience. I’m so thankful we got him, my girls and I are in love. 💙



F1b red Goldendoodle puppy from Scarlett and Duke litter

Home-raised Family Goldendoodles

Apricot P&G Reunion 2023 group photo 1.JPEG

Family Photos

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