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Apricot P&G Puppy Spotlight *Sanza*

My Given Name is: Sansa - from Games of Thrones (Red collar Litter #2) 2. My closest friends call me: Sansy 3. My favorite toys are: chuck-it balls are #1 in my life, my octopus a distant second. 4. I would move Heaven and Earth to eat: anything that the humans are eating - I will do most anything for papa psuka though. 5.The most naughtiest thing I have done is: I’m actually awesomely innocent - the only thing I used to do is transport items from room to room but I’m over that. 6. My favorite human is: mom 7. My parents tell me their favorite thing about me is: I’m up for anything
8. The other animal family members in my family are: my cousin and best friend is a bernedoodle the same age as me (15 mos)

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