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Mabel's (Scarlett purple collar) 14 Week Update!

We're half way into the puppies' third month! Mabel has adjusted to our home so well over the last month and a half. My husband and I are amazed at how bright she is, she picked up the basics after only a couple sessions (sometimes, only one!) and potty training has been a breeze.

Mabel currently:

Weighs: 22.2 pounds

Nicknames: Ma'am, Mabes, Sweet Pea, Noodle, Girlfriend, Puperoni, Tornado, Girlie

Loves: Water, digging holes, training, yogurt, car rides, the cats (though they are still undecided on her), playing fetch

Hates: Outside trash cans (weird!), bath time

Knows: Sit, down, shake, stay, wait(in progress), come, touch, watch me(in progress), show me your belly, off, drop it, leave it

Struggles with: Barking when on leash when she sees a human she wants to meet and can't reach them, Jumping up on people, excitement barking, and grooming (although we are much better at brushing than we were)

She loves car rides by the ocean and is an eager (albeit sometimes naughty) student at puppy preschool. She loves every human she meets, and we are eager to explore what therapy work might look like for her.

Questions for the community:

Does anyone else's puppy get overly excited when on leash? We've successfully taken a few short neighborhood walks(nowhere with high dog traffic!), but if we get too close to another human she will lunge and bark to try to meet them. She's just SO STOKED on humans.

Any tips for grooming? We managed a very minimal sanitary cut and around her eyes, but she's so wiggly I'm afraid of nicking her. She also HATES the HV dryer (yet she loves to stick her head out the car window, go figure).

She has been a joyful addition to our family, and a loyal companion through a really tough period of our lives.

We can't wait to meet all of you at the reunion! Would love to see photos of your Apricot doodles. What do they love? Do they have any nicknames?


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