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Three years ago it all started...

Tomorrow marks the day, three years ago, Bailey had her first litter! In our master bathroom, a 4x4 whelping box, December 15th, 2019... and it was just the start!

Despite the best efforts of multiple suitors Bailey was in love with Guinness alone. Three more litters to follow resulted in 33 full siblings scattered around Southern Cal, Northern Cal and Tennessee.

Happy Birthday to Lexi, Maple, Kya, Minnie, Kevin, Potato, Noodle, Olivander, & Cooper!

Here is a look back at these precious pups!

Scroll down to the bottom to share updated photos of these precious 3 year olds, as well as their 33 full siblings below with their names and cities they live in!

(Maybe with so many siblings, brothers and sisters can have playdates with family close by)

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