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Pet insurance questions

Hi all!

I wanted to reach out to everyone and see what their view on pet insurance is. I've been looking into different pet insurance plans and additional wellness plans, but there are so many out there!

Does anyone have a plan for their pup? And if so, what type of plan?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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Ashley De Lisle
Ashley De Lisle
Feb 08, 2023

Does anyone feel like it would have been helpful to have your puppy insured for in the first 30 days?

Most insurances do not start till the first 30 days have passed but Trupanion has offered breeders to register their puppies with them and each puppy goes home covered by Trupanion from the time they go home, no waiting period. The coverage has to be set up within 24-hours by the new puppy family.

Would love to know if this is valuable to new puppy families or would you rather shop ourself for insurances and wait the 30 day period for coverage?

*Post your comments below as a reply to this thread

Replying to

Yes would love that


Hi - I started a nationwide policy when my pup was 2 years after 2 emergency visits for $1600-1900 each (foxtail in ear etc) and derm care for $2400. Yikes! Filed a $600 claim for vet exam, boosters and filing of international health permit and they paid over half so I recommend keeping the wellness rider.


We have Embrace for both of our dogs. Pet insurance is definitely worth it!!!

We really like Embrace!

The claims are super quick and they have great customer service.


I have Nationwide also. I love it! They are easy to work with and post claims. I have major medical plan with a wellness rider. I suggest wellness for the first year only. Beau just turned one so I’ll cancel that portion. They were very helpful explaining everything when I signed up.


I have nationwide . my company Carrie’s it and I really like it

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