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Puppy Available & 2023 Breeding plans

We have one remaining female standard goldendoodle available, Pink Collar! She is turning 8-weeks old and will be able to go home this weekend. If you are interested, please complete an application


We have our next planned litters

for FALL/WINTER 2023

We have updated our pricing for our first Mini Goldendoodle litter and for our long awaited litters of phantom Goldendoodles. We will also be updating our puppy vaccine schedule to reflect the current practices of most veterinarians. (vaccinating before 8 weeks is no longer recommended or considered valid by most vets so we will have puppies go home at 8-weeks old and receive their first vaccinations at 9/12/16 weeks with their new families)


Health Clearances and Breeding Dog Updates

We had a very busy health testing clinic on June 11th where we had 7 of our dogs complete various parts of health testing and get OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.
This was a enormous endeavor but thanks to the help of our wonderful Guardian homes, we were able to have this completed!

We feel transparency is important so you will see all our adult dog health-testing under the dogs website page. We have new breeding dogs on our website that have not been discussed/included as we have waiting for these results.

We are very excited to introduce Apricot P&G's Meadowlark "Lark" of STSP, Apricot P&G's "Lady" of Halsey's & Apricot P&G's "Indy" Indiana Jones of Deer Creek.
All three of these dogs will be part of our Black and Tan phantom Goldendoodle breeding program. We also hope to breed Goldendoodles with higher Golden Retriever percentages in the future with Indy and our keeper girl Apricot P&G's Aspen from Finley & Duke's medium litter this year.

Very exciting plans as we finish out 2023 and move into early 2024, we hope you come along with us and join our Apricot P&G Family by bringing home a puppy of your own!

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