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*UPDATES* Annual Apricot P&G Reunion coming up!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We are 10 days away from our 2nd Annual Poodle & Goldendoodle Reunion! There is still space for any Apricot P&G pup or pup family member who wants to join! Sunday June 26th from 1-3pm at Country Kennels Dog Waterpark in Murrieta, Ca.

  • Great opportunity to introduce your dog to water (dog swimming only)

  • Free 4th of July themed Gift basket raffle

  • Children are allowed but must be supervised at all times.

  • Free of charge, capture your pup and family together with Jay from CJay Photography who will be documenting the event! (photos from last year)

  • Stay cool with waters and drink refreshments provided by Apricot P&G

  • bring your own food and snacks which allowed!

  • shade and seating

  • Parking and restrooms available

Updated RSVPs:

  1. Finley

  2. Fiona

  3. Scarlett

  4. Bailey

  5. Scout

  6. Mabel

  7. Penny

  8. Tex

  9. Nawa

  10. Max

  11. Sage

  12. Kobe

  13. Lexi Rose

  14. Nova

  15. Duke

Email to RSVP ( Cost is $30 per pup!

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