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Available puppies & Future litters

Our available puppies are 8 1/2 weeks old, Aster and Daisy from our “Flower Litter”. 

Parents are completely health tested and genetically clear of all testable diseases. 

These puppies are F1 Goldenoodles so they are 50% Poodle and 50% English cream Golden Retriever. They will lightly shed.

Aster is expected to be 55lbs. He is a extremely rare coat color called “phantom”. He is probably only one of a handful in the entire United states! 

His color will only become more striking as he gets older.  

He is such a loving, affectionate pup! He is confident and focused. Aster is $4,000. 

Daisy is our female F1 Goldendoodle from the same “Flower Litter”. She is the smallest and is expected to fall in the medium size range for Goldendoodles, around 40-45lbs. 

Daisy is a sweetheart and such a kind puppy. She is curious and happy, very trainable and has medium energy. She loves to be held but is patient to wait to see you notice her and is a quiet pup. Daisy is $3,500. 

Due in 3 weeks

We are expecting our largest litter yet at the end of the month! Penny & Tex are expected to have 15-16 puppies according to 4 week ultrasound and we will get a final puppy count in 2 weeks. These puppies are F1bb Goldendoodles, expected to be around 40-60lbs based on their previous litter. We will have curly and wavy coats and expect some to have white markings on their chest, chin and paws due to Tex their father. Price is $3,500. We have 5 more spots left on our Priority wait list. If you are interested in placing a $500 deposit to join their waitlist, please let me know by replying and I will sending you information on placing this deposit (which goes toward final price). Click here to see their Waitlist and a link to their previous litter!

We have 7 deposits for their litter already and are partnering with a local service dog organization, Canine Support Teams to help them find hypoallergenic puppies for their service dog training programs. 

We will be opening up more waitlists as the year progresses!

We are planning

1. Finley & Duke, Medium multigen apricot and apricot parti Goldendoodles (waitlist is full)

2. Lady & outside medium goldendoodle stud Oliver, medium multigen Goldendoodles (phantoms, phantom parti, apricot, apricot parti, cream puppies expected)

3. Scarlett & Duke, rebreeding for the third time for F1b Standard red & apricot Goldenododles

4. Lark & Indy, rebreeding for F1 larger medium, standard sized cream & phantom Goldenododles

5. Aspen (Finley’s daughter) & undecided stud for mini multigen Goldendoodles

We also added Lucy from Duke & Scarlett’s litter to our future breeding program. She is a standard red F1b Goldendoodle. 

Meet our potential future parents

We kept Lucy (formerly Harp from Duke & Scarlett’s litter) for our future breeding program. She is a standard red F1b Goldendoodle.

We also added Apricot P&G's Chloe Rayne of Desert Mini Doodles in Arizona to our future program. She is a red mini multigen Goldendoodle with white abstract markings

We also kept Apricot P&G's Ivy Meadow. She is “Poppy” from our most recent F1 Goldendoodle "Flower" litter. She is a larger medium phantom goldendoodle.

We also just added THIS WEEK, Apricot P&G's Jake of Cherry Lane in Spring Field, IL He is a red (genetically phantom) mini multigen Goldendoodle who will be bred to all of the females above if he passes health testing!

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Daisy (now named Sadie) went home yesterday! Aster (currently called Lincoln) has someone coming to see him on Sunday!

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