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Guardian Homes Needed

We had a fun visit with Lark's Guardian Family last weekend. We enjoy the friendship we have with our guardian homes and with 14 breeding dogs in our program, we have eight of them! Some of our Guardian homes have two of our Guardian dogs as their family members.

A Guardian home is a home that enters into a contractual co-ownership with Apricot P&G and raises the puppy from the time they are 8-weeks old. The dog is at no cost to the Guardian home. They are responsible for all the normal puppy/dog expenses, vaccines, vet visits and non-breeding related costs. We typically breed our female dogs after they have had 3 heat cycles or are 18 months. Once they are bred, they will stay with their Guardian home during their pregnancy and come back to our home a week before they are due. We then have then for 5-6 weeks while their puppies are born and eventually weaned before they return to their home. Some of our female dogs have bi-annual heat cycles, some only cycle once a year. They typically have 4 litters before they retire around the age of 5 yrs. Once they are retired they are spayed and legally owned by their guardian homes, where they remain for the rest of their life.

Our male studs enter into a contract for 7-9 years and will be used in our own breeding program and occasionally outside for other breeding programs. This usually requires then to be needed for a few hours and then they are returned to their Guardian Home. For this reason, we do require male dogs to live closer than female dogs. Once our studs are done being used for breeding, they are neutered and legally owned by their guardian homes.

This arrangement allows for our breeding dogs to be raised in the same home that they eventually retire in.

We have two guardian home opportunities!

Become part of our Apricot P&G family!

We are welcoming a mini red multigenerational Goldendoodle from Illinois breeder Cherry Lane Doodles to our program as a potential future stud. We are looking for a local family within 30 minutes of Murrieta to be his Guardian home.

(We are still deciding which puppy we will be bringing home)

He is straight-coated, double furnished and will be great for family with allergies. He is a multigen with approx 35% golden retriever and 65% poodle. We are expect him to come to California the first week of April. If interested, please contact us for an guardian home application by emailing Ashley at


We are keeping a standard F1 Goldendoodle from Lark and Indy's "Flower" litter. Her litter name is Poppy. She is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 poodle. We are looking for a Guardian Home for her and expect her to get to be around 50lbs. She would be best for a home that does not have allergies or only has mild allergies to dogs. Poppy would be ready to go to her Guardian home on Saturday, March 30th.

If you or someone you know lives within 1 hour of Murrieta and would like to be a considered for her Guardian Home, email Ashley at

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