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*UPDATE* Bailey's Pregnancy is confirmed!

UPDATE! We have filled our 5 spots in this litter and we are hope for a large litter but won't know till the pups are born. If you are still interested in a puppy from Bailey's litter, please watch for an announcement in a month once the puppies are born sometime around 8/26 and we will fill any remaining spots the same way! In the meantime, we are not taking any backup deposits or accepting emails regarding interest.

As I mentioned in the past, having the Wix app on your phone will notify you sooner than email and is an option if you want to be among the first to know!

We are so excited for these puppies!


We are announcing Bailey's F1 Goldendoodle litter!

Puppies will be 50% Golden retriever and 50% standard poodle, approximately 45-65lbs; apricot to red in color and all will be wavy coated; light to moderate shedding.

Outside Golden Retriever stud Walter is the dad; all health testing passed. He the top 10% of PennHip for Golden Retrievers in the world!

If you have an application already submitted and only if you are interested in placing a deposit for BAILEY'S LITTER (not Scarletts):

Send me an email to with your name and so I can confirm I have your application. This helps me keep track of who contacted me first.

  1. Wait for a reply email giving you your pick order and instructing on options for placing a $500 deposit to secure your spot.

  2. Once deposit is received, you will will secure that spot.

  3. I will post another blog here once all the spots are filled.

I am only taking 5 deposits since we plan on keeping back a puppy from this litter for future breeding plans. Once puppies are born, (due date is approximately 8/26) we will send out another blog posting telling how many more (if any) deposits we can take (from approved applications only).


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1 Comment

Brenda Diaz
Brenda Diaz
Jul 28, 2021

Soooo cute 🥰😍!! In line for Scarletts 🙊

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