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This is a special day, January 28th

  • This day two years ago, our black and tan phantom poodle stud Jax was born

  • One year ago today, we had two litters born with a total of 17 puppies! Scarletts first litter and Bailey's 4th and final litter.

Scarlett's litter: Lavender collar- Winnie; Gray collar- Max; Purple collar- Mabel; Black collar Beau James; 5. Pink collar- Nova; Blue collar- Rusty; Teal collar- Grace; Yellow collar Fiona

Bailey's litter: Orange collar- Benji; Gray collar- Marlee; Dark blue collar- Lux; Green collar- Buddha; Red collar- Lily; Black collar- Butters; Light blue collar- Norman; Pink collar- Stella; Purple collar- Nawa

Would LOVE birthday photos of these puppies, please respond in the comments below!

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Happy Birthday!!!! To all the pups!

Lux (Dark Blue collar -Bailey ) is such a big boy! It has been an exciting year to say the least :)

We love our goofball ❤️


Happy Birthday, to our giant baby Fiona!! (Scarlett’s first litter, yellow collar)


Linda Haar
Linda Haar
Jan 29, 2023

Happy 1st birthday to Marlee's and her siblings. She is red collar Bailey’s litter. It's been a great year! Thank you Ashley.


Happy birthday puppies and Jax! Mabel did not want to wear her birthday hat, but here she is holding it. 😂 She went to the park today, got some new toys, and Dad is cooking her a fancy steak dinner tonight! 🎉

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