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This is a special day, January 28th

  • This day two years ago, our black and tan phantom poodle stud Jax was born

  • One year ago today, we had two litters born with a total of 17 puppies! Scarletts first litter and Bailey's 4th and final litter.

Scarlett's litter: Lavender collar- Winnie; Gray collar- Max; Purple collar- Mabel; Black collar Beau James; 5. Pink collar- Nova; Blue collar- Rusty; Teal collar- Grace; Yellow collar Fiona

Bailey's litter: Orange collar- Benji; Gray collar- Marlee; Dark blue collar- Lux; Green collar- Buddha; Red collar- Lily; Black collar- Butters; Light blue collar- Norman; Pink collar- Stella; Purple collar- Nawa

Would LOVE birthday photos of these puppies, please respond in the comments below!

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