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Three puppies available, all sizes

It's pretty incredible that we have every coat type, either gender and all sizes available! From each of our three litters, we have one puppie available. Here is your opportunity!

We had puppy pick day today and due to various choices in gender, coat color and texture, we have three puppies available and you are the first to know! They won't last long!

Coal- Scarlett's "Christmas litter"

Standard apricot F1b Goldendoodle (75% poodle/25% golden retriever) ~65lbs

KitKat- Lady's "Candy bar Litter"

Mini phantom multigen Goldendoodle (83% poodle/17% golden retriever) ~35lbs

Spruce- Finley's "Tree Litter"

Medium apricot multigen Goldendoodle (60% poodle/40% golden retriever) straight coat~45lbs

Email Ashley if interested-

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