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~Scarlett's Breeding Partner has changed~

We are having to change our planned breeding for Scarlett with Finley the multigenerational Goldendoodle from Ohio. I found out he had two genetic markers we didn't want in our future breeding program.

I am still trying to figure out who her future mate will be, and with many different options and factors to consider, I will update the website when we have figured that out! I will still try to maintain a F1b (75%poodle litter mix) or greater. The good thing is, there is time because she has not had her heat cycle yet. On that note...

Scarlett is 17 months tomorrow and has not yet had her first heat cycle. After discussing this with our reproductive vet, the plan is to wait for her to have her heat up until she turns 24 months (this would be extremely rare) and then conduct testing and assist her having her heat at that time with medications. I don't think this will be the scenario we encounter, but wanted those waiting for her first litter to know that we anticipate her heat ANYTIME but this could be as long as 7 months from now!

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