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2023 Waitlists open/Priority spots

The puppy market has changed since the COVID-19 demand for puppies increased the amount of new breeders and litters being born.

We are trying to breed ethically.

Part of breeding ethically means that breeding litters without the demand for puppies could prove irresponsible. Since our current system doesn't allow us to determine the interest in these litters till after the parents have been bred, we are changing our waitlist policy to reflect this for the rest of our planned 2023 litters.

If you were interested in any of these litters on our Current Litter list, this is your opportunity to secure a pick spot with an approved application and deposit.

(please read all the details below)

See our Current Litters page for current waitlist availability and details regarding expected adult size, coat colors and types for each litter:

Our Google Puppy application link is below:

Once you have completed the application or if you already have an application in with us and would like to place a deposit to a specific litter, please email us at

A return email will be sent with instructions for placing your deposit.

Once our waitlists are full we will move forward with these planned litters and will close off applications and deposits until AFTER the litters are born. After the puppies are born and we ensure we have more puppies available, then the litter waitlist will open back up to fill the remaining puppy spots. Puppy pick is still at 6-7 weeks old.

If no pregnancy is confirmed for a specific planned litter, then the Waitlist deposits for that litter will be refunded. These Waitlist deposits are otherwise non-refundable and will not be placed on a master wait list. Our current policy would apply. If the puppy gender or coat type is not available when you select your puppy on puppy pick day, then you may move your deposit over ONCE to the next similar litter. This would mean that a mini litter deposit would more to the next mini-sized litter planned, a medium litter deposit to the next medium-sized litter planned and the standard litter deposit to the next available standard-sized litter planned (taking into consideration needs for allergies).

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