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Apricot P&G Puppy Spotlight *Teddy*

1. My Given Name is:

Teddy (yellow collar, litter #3)

2. My closest friends call me:

Teddy Bear

3. My favorite toys are:

My big squeaky red bone and any ball that I can play fetch with!

4. I would move Heaven and Earth to eat:

anything my family is eating, chewy dog treats or grass! Yummmm!

5.The most naughtiest thing I have done is:

reached up onto the kitchen counter and eat a stick of butter and a bowl of grease when no one was looking.

6. My favorite person is:


7. My parents tell me their favorite thing about me is:

my calm temperament and gentle personality.

8. The other animal family members in my family are:

the fish I like staring at in the living room fish tank and the rabbits that hang out in our backyard.

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