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UPDATE: Applications are now CLOSED for our planned litters for 2021.

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Due to receiving over 50 applications, we have closed the planned 2021 litters to any new applications. Thank you for your interest!


In an effort to stream-line our puppy pick deposits once we announce the pregnancies in the upcoming months, we are asking that if you are interested in a puppy from one of these two litters, Bailey's red/apricot F1 Goldendoodles or Scarletts F1b or possibly F1bb litters of Red Goldendoodles, please send us your application so it can be pre-approved. Email to (emails will be responded to within 24hrs of receipt). Due to the high interest in these future litters, those that do not fill out applications ahead of time will not likely get a puppy spot.

Once your application is accepted (in which I reply), it is recommended to download the Wix App to be notified of litter announcement on this PUP COMMUNITY blog.

1. Once the pregnancy is confirmed at 4 weeks gestation; the litter announcement will go through. At that time, please notify me by email that you are interested in placing a deposit but only if it is for that specific litter that has been announced.

2. You will be able to place a deposit AFTER hearing back from me what place you have in the litter pick. (I am only taking 6 spots initially till the litter is born) You will get information on where to send your deposit at that time. I also will require a prompt response in for form of payment or you will forfeit your spot.

3. Any deposits that come through prior to notifying me or being told to do so will be refunded.

4. If more than 6 puppies are born, at 2 weeks, I will send out a second announcement and take additional deposits for the litter.

Only completed applications will be approved!

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