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Fall Litter updates

(sneak peek into 2024 plans below)

We are excited to announce that all three Fall litter ultrasounds have confirmed pregnancy!

Finley & Duke's litter of medium Multigenerational Goldendoodles are due November 7th and we are expecting 9-12 puppies! We are still keeping the priority wait list closed till after the puppies are born.

Lady & Max's litter of mini Multigenerational Goldendoodles are due November 13th and we are expecting 2-3 puppies! We are keeping this priority wait list closed till the puppies are born due to the small litter size.

Scarlett & Duke's litter of standard F1b Goldendoodles are due November 10th and we are expecting 5-6 puppies. This priory wait list is full and will stay closed till the puppies are born.


These are the rest of our 2023 litters but we have BIG plans for next year! If you are looking to welcome a Goldendoodle puppy to your family in 2024, stay connected to our blog and website since we will always announce here open waitlists first!

Here is a possible litter pairings for 2024:

Lark & Indy- F1 apricot and phantom standard Goldendoodles due around early January 2024

Fiona & Jax- F1b red/apricot and phantom large standard Goldendoodles due approx Jan-March 2024 (based on heat cycle)

Penny & Charlie- multigeneration red and dark apricot mini Goldendoodles due April 2024

Finley & (Duke or Charlie)- multigenerational apricot and apricot parti mini Goldendoodles due June 2024

Aspen & Indy- multigenerational apricot small standard Goldendoodles with 70% Golden retriever, 30% poodle (sometime in late 2024)

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