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Puppy Leaving Family Party

As the De Lisle Family says bye to our litter of nine Goldendoodles this week, we are hopeful that the loving families that are taking them home keep in touch and send pictures! There is interest on the part of some families to have a way to see updates on the puppies so we created this blog to help Apricot Poodles & Goldendoodle puppy owners share updates and milestones in their new pet's life.


Over the 8-weeks that we have nurtured and cuddled these precious pets, we have come to know their budding personalities and charms. They are unique; all mischievous and naughty at times and lavishing kisses the next. Each and every one will undoubtedly bring joy to the families and pet siblings they will join this week!

We had a going away party with pizza, my parents driving from two hours away to see them one last time and my sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews getting in last minute holding.

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