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*UPDATE* Finley's Litter is here!

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Our Priority List for this litter is full.


Finley our F1b Goldendoodle mom had a long 1st stage labor through the night and when the puppies started arriving at 7am, it all went quick! Finley had 9 multigenerational medium Goldendoodles puppies in 2 hours.

We welcomed 3 females and 6 male puppies and the are all healthy and latching.

Our priority list has room for one more reservation for 9th pick in this litter!

If you are interested,
complete a online application or email me your application to and that you are interested in THIS litter.

Puppy Application 2023
Download DOCX • 272KB

Other future planned litters are not open at this time but we hope to have a litter of F1bb apricot Goldendoodles in May after we confirm pregnancy at the end of this month. Once pregnancy is confirmed for that litter, we will again open up applications and deposits for that litter.

For more information on the process for applying and placing a deposit as well as our breeding program, check out our

Congratulations to the 7 families who are on the Priority list for this litter!

Pink- female-12.4oz- apricot- wavy/straight coat

Teal- female- 12.2oz- apricot with white spot on chest- wavy/straight coat

Purple- female- 12.4oz- apricot- wavy/straight coat

Red- male- 14oz- apricot- wavy/straight coat

Dark Green- male- 12.6oz- red parti- wavy/straight coat

Light Blue- male- apricot parti- curly coat

Orange- male- 12.7oz- apricot- wavy/straight coat

Black- male- 10.8oz- apricot with black birthmark on head- wavy/straight coat

Yellow- male- 12.2 oz- apricot- wavy/straight coat

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1 Comment

Nicole Griffin
Nicole Griffin
Mar 19, 2023

Pure love! We’re so excited to welcome an adorable puppy into our family! Thank you, Ashley!

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